Rivermaas was set up in 2010 under the management of Karin Govaert and Henk Jonker in order to represent the interests of investors in shipping, including family offices. Rivermaas still has a keen focus on offering this type of investor high-quality services.


Since that time, the number of participations in limited shipping partnerships or private shipping companies has increased. Five projects have been started and they comprise a total of 24 vessels. Rivermaas generally makes partial commitments of its own in the investment sum for these ships.

October 2014

Since October 2014, Rivermaas has also been responsible for the technical management of ships. There are now five ships under its own technical management. Dirk Arends, one of the captain-owners and investors from the very start, is a member of the technical management team of Rivermaas. In his role as fleet manager and designated person ashore (DPA), he has final responsibility for the supervision of the crew.