“The shipping equity includes more than just steel and technology. The crews are also an important part of our network. From our own technical management team on shore, we try to ensure a fixed pool of officers and sailors that is as stable as possible.”

The crew is also a crucial part of our network, and an important precondition for the growth of our capital.
We encourage these professionals’ passion for shipping and offer scope for their own responsibility, knowledge and skills.

As a Dutch shipping company, Rivermaas deliberately chooses to sail ships under the Dutch flag. The fact that our ships have sufficient facilities to make sure that people can work and live safely and comfortably, offers additional assurance for those on board. We are fully aware that the crew consider a ship their second home.

Our ships and the conditions on the ships also meet regulations and codes including the Maritime Labour Convention.
We see the code as a baseline that we add our own investments on top of. For example, we invest in free Wi-Fi on all our ships, and we always ensure more than sufficient supplies and resources.

We work closely with Marlow Navigation. This guarantees sufficient qualified staff for our ships, should one of the crew members drop out unexpectedly. In our work for Marlow Navigation, we aim to ensure that the officers and sailors deployed are familiar with our ships and working method.

It is therefore commonplace for pairs of people to have worked on our ships for many years, taking turns periodically. Our captains have also worked with us for many years, so the cooperation is very good. Our DPA (Designated Person Ashore) has decades of experience in shipping. He has worked as a sailor, officer and captain in short sea shipping.