Maritime Investment

Maritime investment

“Rivermaas has a network of partners and contacts in shipping who provide continuously updated knowledge about projects that have been or could be created in the market. One of the cooperation partners is ARAS Shipbrokers, for instance. The combined knowledge present in our network is reinforced by our own activities in the technical management of ships. This gives us footholds both on shore and at sea.”

In the field of maritime investments, Rivermaas offers:

Rivermaas organises the collection of loan capital for the purchase, management and maintenance of ships. Discussions with corporate investors such as banks are held. After a project has been started, Rivermaas is responsible for the administration, reporting and representation of the shareholders’ interests in limited shipping partnerships or private shipping companies. It acts on behalf of the shareholders in meetings, for example. Frequent and transparent reports for investors are a key element of our service.


Rivermaas is the party representing the interests of a small group of committed investors, usually involving five to ten parties taking part in a project. Rivermaas aims for long-term relationships with investors that go beyond a single project. Rivermaas focuses in particular on parties and people who have an affinity with trade and shipping in any way. The fact that Rivermaas itself (or elements within it) also takes part in projects guarantees strong commitment to the projects.

Rivermaas always aims for the broadest possible cover and spread of risks by optimising the way it uses its knowledge of the market. Constructions such as ‘fixed operating costs’ and minimum ‘day rates’ are negotiated, which minimises the costs and maximises the returns. Ships under the technical management of Rivermaas or for which Rivermaas is actively providing advice can yield OPEX (operational expenditure) savings compared to the initial forecasts for those vessels.

Rivermaas uses its know-how to make investments in short sea shipping. We have decades of experience in the financial side and in technical management. For example, we have the best financial packages for investors and at the same time know about the actual value of ships and the expected costs and revenues from those ships. Based on that background, Rivermaas aims for the best possible profitability and revenues for the interests it represents.

In the Rivermaas vision, independence is an important precondition for achieving the best possible yields for investors. The technical management of Rivermaas is self-sufficient. Rivermaas has no crew on its payroll either. The purchase and sale of vessels and the participation in projects are therefore independent processes.