About Us

About us

“Rivermaas is a specialist in maritime investing and management. As an innovative Dutch shipping company, Rivermaas focuses on investing in coastal shipping vessels for a relatively small network of involved investors who have an affinity with shipping.”

At the same time, Rivermaas is active in the Greater Europe segment with its own fleet of coastal vessels. The technical management of the ships is taken care of. In addition, a network of specialist cooperation partners has been established in the field of crew management and commercial management. In this way, added value is created under the leadership of Rivermaas together and while retaining everyone’s own identity.

Part of the technical management is the management of the crew in the daily operation. In the eyes of Rivermaas, the crew is crucial for success. Our shipping company believes in giving responsibility to officers and sailors in combination with intensive cooperation with an experienced technical management team ashore.

Through knowledge of daily practice and at the same time working from a network of investors and specialist cooperation partners, Rivermaas can be flexible and profitable in the purchase and sale of coastal vessels.

Rivermaas was founded in 2010 and is now involved in the investment in 24 coastal vessels, the technical management of which is now handled by Rivermaas itself in five cases. Rivermaas has a permanent core of six employees who have offices in Zeist and Rhoon.

Although there is decades of experience in-house in the field of coastal shipping, Rivermaas can be called an innovative start-up in the generally traditional world of shipping due to its vision. Rivermaas thus contributes to a healthy and safe coastal navigation in the Netherlands and Europe.